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July 23-28, 2024
Four Quarters190 Walker Ln, Artemas, PA
Countdown To The Mountain 2024

ADA & Service Animal Policy


The entire venue is made up of hills and uneven terrain which includes dirt roads that run throughout. There is not a one-size fits all ADA capability. If you have specific needs that you do not mind sharing in order for us to give you the best advice please reach out to [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to help!

For persons with mobile disabilities, we recommend Hilltop Camping which will give you close proximity between your vehicle and camp site.  The shuttle which operates daily from approx 2-3pm start time based on demand until about 1am and can transport you from Hilltop to multiple locations within Main Camp, which includes all stages. We have ADA parking adjacent to Hilltop on a flat surface.

Please email us at [email protected] for further assistance.

As just a few examples of our standard processes, our festival staff are trained to communicate in writing (e.g., pen & paper or electronic devices) with patrons who are hearing-impaired.  We employ a text messaging system so that we can communicate with ticket holders in the event of on-site emergencies.  Written signs & placards are placed throughout around the property to help with navigating our large, beautiful grounds.

SERVICE ANIMAL POLICY Our Service Animal/Dog policy at Four Quarters is taken directly from Federal Statute and regulatory law.  * Only DOGS qualify as Service Animals under Federal Law. * Emotional Support Animals are not Service Animals, and are not permitted at Four Quarters. * Service Animals in training are not Service Animals under Federal Law and only when wearing a “Service Animal” marked vest. * Service Animals shall have physical identifiers such as registration tags, the presence of a labeled harness or “the credible verbal assurances of a qualified individual with a disability using the animal.” * In the case of an unidentified Service Animal, we shall ask two questions. Is this animal required because of a disability? What work or task has this animal been trained to perform? * The service animal must at all times be tethered to and in the full control of their human team member. * A Service Animal may never be handled by or tethered to a person other than their human team member. * The Service Animal must always be in “Full Stay” command position when not performing the service for which they have been trained. * The Service Animal must be fully trained to urinate or defecate only on the command of their human team member. * In order to be considered a “Service Dog” under U.S. federal law, a dog must be partnered with an individual with a disability AND perform specific, trained task work to mitigate that disability. Task work is not optional. If a dog doesn’t perform task work, it is not a Service Dog.   In closing, if your Service Animal is registered, wearing a marked Service Animal Vest and fully trained; you will find our staff and attendees very supportive of your teams presence here at Four Quarters. Welcome!

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