Big Dub Support Group Announced

Going through some life stuff? Need an empathetic ear? Need some advice? Look no further, the Big Dub support group is here.  The goal of the support group is to provide temporary relieve to stress that may be impacting an attendees time at the festival.  Some stress may be from normal every day life outside of the festival from coping with loss or ongoing affliction while other times there may be an event that recently took place inside the festival like over-stimulation or an argument with a friend.  It is important to unload these stresses regardless of when or where the stress comes from.  Our team of empathetic listeners combined with other Big Dub Fam who may be experiencing similar stress are there to support those who need it most.

The Big Dub Support group will meet from 2-3pm on Thursday July 26th and Friday July 27th at the Pavilion.  Leading the support group is Elly Jean B. who is a Biologist and Holistic Wellness Guide that specializes in Neurolinguistic Sciences.  She is also a Yoga teacher, Reiki healer, and Meditation guide that has been traveling the country for the past 4 years hosting a multitude of Wellness Workshops.  Supporting her is Rama Lemacks who is a full time yoga teacher at Samadhi and Downward Dog Dance Yoga & Wellness in Richmond, studied prana yama & ashtanga for a decade, has been running spiritual groups since 16, and rallies for teenagers seeking spiritual uplifting through Eastern Region Unity center.

Big Dub Festival will also have these support group leaders on call for any emergency sessions from 1pm – 3pm on Saturday July 28th and can be notified through the Info Booth in Camp Central.