Big Dub 2020 General Admission Pricing

Main Camp – $229
New Camp – $229
Hilltop – $179
(upgrade any of these to Tuesday arrival as an add-on for $45)

Main Camp – $199
New Camp – $199
Hilltop – $139

New Camp – $169
Hilltop – $119

New Camp – $69
Hilltop – $49

New Camp Car Camping – $120 (only 50 available)
SuperFam – $179 (only 1 more available)
RV – $250 (only 2 more available)

Curious about where to camp?

Main Camp:  Located at the heart festival with camping near 4 of the 5 stages as well as the closest access to all vendors, showers, and most activities.

New Camp:  Only 60 second walk to Main Camp as it connects to Main Camp by foot bridge.  It’s about 5-7 minutes walk from the bridge to any of the main stages!  This campsite has it’s own check-in location separate from the regular Four Quarters check-in address.  Car Camping is available via an add-on option.   New Camp has its own stage & hammock haven as well as two camping zones:  The Old Forest which is a shaded area in the woods and The Great Meadow which is an open field that has a gorgeous view of the stars.  While it does have some action, it is a great place to escape the constant action of Main Camp.

Hilltop Camp:  This camping area has several theme camps, the giant KikiWawa, a labyrinth, and a gorgeous view of the surrounding mountains. It’s also located directly next to parking for easy access to your vehicle.  Shuttles that run to/from Main Camp at about 11am each morning to 2-3am each night.  It is also just an 8 minute walk from Hilltop into Main Camp.  This is also the best option for anyone who is doing Big Dub on a budget as there is significant savings in ticket price.  Parking is also located adjacent to Hilltop which gives you an easy way to access your car.