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July 26 - 31st, 2022
Four Quarters190 Walker Ln, Artemas, PA
Countdown To The Mountain 2022



Age Restrictions are 18+ to Enter; 21+ to Drink.

No Refunds

There will be absolutely no refunds for any reason. If for some reason you cannot make it to the event you are permitted to re-sell your ticket. If you wish to change the name on your ticket then you should email [email protected]

Leave No Trace

Four Quarters is a CHURCH! A nature based church…  and they view litter as the most profound kind of disrespect. So we are VERY serious about our trash policies.
* You are responsible for your own trash! Free trash bags are available throughout the camp and at the Information Booth
* We do not provide trash cans in camp! Put litter in your pocket and take it back to your campsite.
* We provide plenty of dumpsters, just drop off your trash on your way out of camp.
* On Sunday exodus, you must show us your trash bags or you will not be allowed to drive out of your camping area. Really! We are serious.
* If you place trash bags by the roadside, by the water spigots or by the potties;
No questions, no exceptions!
* DO NOT throw cigarette butts on the ground…or we will kill you……mercilessly.

Leave No Trace is real at Four Quarters.


There is a re-entry fee of $20 per car each time.  The reason for this charge is because taking your car off premises creates extra traffic as well as holes in our parking formation, which also leads to extra work for our staff.  We encourage you to come prepared.

Campfires are not allowed!

Charcoal grills and propane cook-stoves are welcome.
Do not bring firewood. Bedford County PA is under quarantine for the Emerald Ash Borer beetle, it is killing our trees!


Camping is permitted for all patrons on site. Camping is not permitted in the parking lot.  Patrons may drive into Main Camp on Tuesday & Wednesday arrival but only before sun down.


General parking fee is $15 per car.  This is a one-time fee.  The funds go towards grounds maintenance and making space available for people to camp, not cars to park.  This charge does not apply for those who are parking in New Camp, unless you are car camping then it is $75 and must be purchased online for your arrival date.

Acceptable Forms of ID for Entry

Any U.S. government issues driver’s license or identification card provided that it contains a photograph, name and date of birth. A U.S. or foreign government issued passport containing a photograph and date of birth.

Unacceptable Forms of ID for Entry

School identification. Consular identification. Birth certificates. Xerox copies of any identification. Social security cards.

Safety and Medical

A medical tent will be staffed throughout the event. If you need assistance or know someone who does you can go there or notify a member of security who can radio for help.

Security, Searches and Pat-downs

All vehicles will be searched upon entering the site.  Please refer to the prohibited items list.

Zero Tolerance for Drug Use or Possession

The use or possession of any illegal drugs will not be tolerated anywhere inside or outside the venue. Narcotics officers will be working all camping areas and enforcing all drug related laws. Do not bring any illegal substances to the event as violators may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Acceptable Items

  • YES charcoal grills & cooking supplies (propane grills okay too)
  • YES Food, drinks and coolers (subject to search)
  • YES Glowsticks or glowing/Illuminated Costumes or Jewelry
  • YES Prescription Medication (must be registered in your name)
  • YES Camelbacks (empty upon entry).
  • YES Hula Hoops (Even LED Hula Hoops) and Inflatables
  • YES Flags/Banners or Handmade Signs (No corporate/company branded and no hard flag poles)
  • YES Festival Totems! We accept all totem materials whose poles are no larger than 1″ in diameter. Decorated pool noodles are also okay to bring! (any object deemed dangerous will not be allowed inside)
  • YES Handheld Camera Devices (e.g., Sony Action Cam, GoPro. Must be 6″ in size or less)
  • YES E-Cigs and vapes

Prohibited Items

  • NO Alcoholic Beverages (you may purchase alcohol inside the festival if 21+)
  • NO Illegal Substances, Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
  • NO Pets
  • NO Laser Pointers
  • NO Glass
  • NO Stickers, Flyers, Markers, Pens or Spray Paint
  • NO Weapons of any Kind (Includes Pocket Knives, Pepper Spray, Fireworks, etc.)
  • NO Professional Recording Equipment – Photo, Video, or Audio
  • NO firewood from outside the premises

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