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July 24th to 28th, 2019
Four Quarters190 Walker Ln, Artemas, PA
Countdown To The Mountain 2019


Anyone who has gone to Big Dub Festival can tell you that Big Dub’s community is truly what makes the festival thrive. Both staff and patrons develop workshops, seminars, theme camps, and in camp events to share with the rest of the Big Dub family. But what are all of these things? What does it all mean?

What is a workshop?

A workshop is a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and physical activity on a particular subject or project. Workshops are designed to leave the patron knowledgable on a particular topic or skill. Some of our past workshops have included dance, object manipulation, and crafting.

What is a seminar?

A seminar is a class at a in which a topic is discussed by a teacher and a group of students. Some of our past workshops have covered spirituality, sexuality, and politics.

What is an in camp event?

An in camp event is an event within our event, designed to be of the social and or physical nature. Some of our past in camp events have included field games, Badass Movie Night, and karaoke.

What is a theme camp?

Theme camps and villages are the interactive core of Big Dub. An ideal theme camp creates a visually stimulating presence and provide a communal space or other opportunity for interaction.  Those who contribute to the creation of this communal space often camp around this site and contribute to maintaining the site during the festival as well as working to provide activities to other festival attendees.


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