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July 24th to 28th, 2019
Four Quarters190 Walker Ln, Artemas, PA
Countdown To The Mountain 2019


Apr 16 2019
The Lineup for BigDubX
From the past to the future, we maintain a connection through art,...
Mar 20 2019
Official Drug Policy Statement by Big Dub
This memo serves to remind all of our patrons that we have...
Feb 12 2019
Enter the Big Dub DJ Battle
We are incredibly excited to announce the Big Dub 2019 DJ Battle!!! ...
Feb 6 2019
Big Dub Festival 2019 tickets are now on sale!
We can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are to...
Jan 5 2019
First Timers Guide to Big Dub
Big Dub is full of amazing energy, good vibes, and smiles with...
Dec 7 2018
Loyalty Tickets Are On Sale & Codes Have Been Emailed!
All past attendees who bought their tickets using their email address qualify...
Dec 2 2018
Big Dub 2019 Loyalty Info
Big Dub is all about family vibes!  We reward those who have...
Nov 21 2018
Big Dub Festival Announces 2019 Dates & Loyalty Pricing
The 10th annual Big Dub Festival celebration is announced!  We are more...
Apr 2 2018
Where To Camp
Big Dub has three camping areas which all have their own individual...
Dec 5 2017
Don’t Be A Dick
Don’t be a duck!  And if you were really smart you wouldn’t...
Dec 2 2017
Design The Perfect Theme Camp
Big Dub is an immersive festival where the community creates much of...
Feb 15 2017
Pet and Service Dog Policy at Four Quarters Our Pet and Service...
Jul 19 2016
All of the information you need to know as a New Camp...

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