All of the information you need to know as a New Camp attendee is listed here.  The first step is making sure you show up to the proper gate. New Camp has it’s own autonomous registration which is 2 miles from where the Main Gate is located.

General GPS address towards New Camp Entrance:
641 Clear Ridge Road, Artemas PA 17211
**Note that New Camp does not have a physical address but this will get you close enough

If coming from BelleGrove (Exxon):
After you turn left onto Clear Ridge Road you will drive approximately 1mile and then you will turn down the first unmarked driveway on your right.  This driveway will lead you down to the New Camp Registration.

Entrance to new camp is located along Clear Ridge Road, Route 26. If coming from Belle Grove Exxon you’ll follow Route 26 and turn left when the road forks to stay on Route 26. Registration is about 1mile up the road.

You MUST have a New Camp ticket to receive a wristband at the New Camp gate.  Please have tickets & ID ready so our staff can quickly process you so you can set up camp and enjoy your time on the mountain!

There are two ways to park. If you have a Car Camping pass then you will find you 20×20 space, park, then set up camp within the space next to your vehicle. Otherwise you will park in the general parking area.  Due to the cost of maintaining the grounds which includes post-event damage maintenance we will be charging a $30 fee per car for general parking.  This fee does not apply to car camping.

Find yourself some shade! The Old Forest is the woodsy area attached to New Camp. There is plenty of space for you to pitch a tent and stay cool during your time with us.  Be aware that this will be first come first serve.  When The Old Forest fills up you may camp in the New Camp field.  There are still some other areas to find good shade in this field.

You will have access to water in New Camp.  Look for the spigots near the camp entrance which is where we call the Lower Switchback. Showers are not available in New Camp, however the closest ones are located at the North Crook in Main Camp.

There is no charge to come & go from New Camp. Feel free to come & go as you please but be mindful that we heave heavy arrivals on Wednesday!