Loyalty Discounts Running Out!

Big Dub 2020 Loyalty Discounts are available to those who have attended any prior Big Dub. We permit our returning friends, family, and patrons to purchase tickets well in advance and at a significant discount. This guarantees a higher percentage of people returning to the mountain which means more people who know our culture and core principles which makes for amazing vibes!

Anyone with loyalty is able to purchase up to 4 tickets which are to be used to introduce friends to the festival. A secret ticket link and purchase code was sent to the email addresses of anyone who has purchased a ticket within the last 10 years. The email address that was used at the time of purchase is where the information was sent.

Can’t find the email?

Check your “promotions” folder first, especially if using Gmail. Then check SPAM. The email went out on November 13th and again on November 14th. You can also do a search for sender from jaleel@badassraves.com or “Big Dub Festival”

If you still cannot find the email then please hit up jess@badvss.com with proof that you were there. We require your Facebook link in conjunction with a photo of you at the festival to verify. If your prior ticket confirmation matches up with your email and Facebook profile then we can also accept that as well.

How long do I have to get loyalty?
We cannot guarantee how long tickets will be available. Big Dub 2020 sold out weeks in advance and we are expecting another massive year. We are not increasing capacity either so space on the mountain will be limited! If loyalty does not sell out then you will have until February to secure your discount.