Lil Dub FAQ

Here’s some frequently asked questions that were taken from the Q&A that was hosted with Chad in Big Dub Fam.

Q: Is 4Qs catering 3 meals a day, or should I bring food with me?
A: 4Q is handling all food service. We have not yet received definite kitchen times but we can say they will be serving the majority of the event. Plan for some food or snacks for late night or very early morning hours.

Q: Will we be allowed to drive down to our campsites to unload? 
A: Yes and we anticipate being able to allow this up until about 8pm nightly.

Q: Do we park at hilltop? 
A: Parking in hilltop for anyone staying in Main Camp. Parking in New Camp for anyone staying in New Camp. Anyone staying in New Camp will first register at the main gate.

Q: Is there a parking fee? 
A: Parking is $10 per vehicle.

Q: Is the 4Qs catering reasonably priced?
A: Their food will be reasonably priced.

Q: Will we enjoy the whole mountain or just a small portion of it ?
A: Most of it! We are not opening Hilltop for camping on this one but you’ll be free to roam otherwise!

Q: Will we be Using Stone Circle?
A: The pavilion is the only stage on this. We’ve selected regionals from BIG DUB X that packed their stages as our lineup. We want to give everyone a proper place to present their music and the stone circle is just too big for an event that is capped at 1000 people. It would feel super empty if we used it.

Q:  Is decor gonna be how it is at big dub too ?
A:  Decor will be scaled down but we’ll have cool chill areas set up as well as the hammock haven!

Q: Will there be music?
A: Music is in the pavilion! Fri & Sat from 4pm – 3am. We selected regionals from Big Dub X who packed our their stages/activities and will have a lineup announced soon.

Q:  If we’re supposed to yell BIG DUB at Big Dub, will we be expected to whisper LIL DUB at Lil Dub?
A: We encourage everyone to whisper “Lil Dub” because that is just ridiculous.

Q: Will there be theme camps?
A: We have invited all theme camps but the truth is it takes a lot for the theme camps to set up. Most of them might like to have an event where they just chill. We did place the invite for people to setup scaled down versions of their camp.

Q:  If i didn’t attend Big Dub this year can i still attend Lil dub?
A: Yes, all are welcome as long as 18+

Q: What is the difference between the ticket prices Tier 1 and Tier 2?
A: No difference. A ticket gets you the entry and you can camp where you want! These are just two ticket pricing structures with the lowest price being available to the ones who purchase early.

Q: Will there be official merch?
A: There will be official merch including tees, long sleeve tees and hoodies. We are also working on a pin design.

Q: Will there be mead?
A: Hell yeah.