Explore the New Hilltop Camp

The upgrades to Hilltop Camp were some of the most talked about highlights last year.  This camping section is complete with an inflatable playground which included moonbounces and a massive 31ft long slip & slide, misting tent, interactive decor, and music that ran all day and into the night.  This year will feature similar activities such as Power Hour, workshops, acro yoga, and more.  While Hilltop may seem like a hike from the main stages, there’s nothing to fret!  We will have shuttle service running from 9am until 3am with multiple busses to get you into Main Camp easily and quickly.

Other perks to Hilltop include:
– 20ft KikiWawa installation (perfect for pictures!)
– labyrinth (perfect for night time meditation)
– quiet at night & chill atmosphere
– direct access to food vendors

Hilltop is also located right near the primary parking lot.  This is key for those who wish to have 24hr access to their vehicle.  This also make life easier when it comes to setting up and loading out, as car access can be difficult inside of Main Camp.

Here are some photos of Hilltop Camp from this  past year.