Don’t Be A Dick

We’re here to explain exactly what “Don’t Be A Dick” means.  The phrase came into light when we were explaining our Core Principles to someone and they replied with “So basically, don’t be a dick.”  Since then we’ve posted reminders around the festival to remind our patrons to have fun, but have respect.  We would like to explain in full detail what this means.  Please see the image below.  More detailed explanations proceed below the image.

Everyone has personal space and comfort levels that vary.  One person may feel comfortable unconditionally hugging everyone on the mountain, while others may feel a little weird about it.  Some may be welcoming of strangers to come to their campsites to say hello and have a chat, while others may not.  We encourage everyone to open their hearts to one another on the mountain but everyone has different boundaries.  It is also (and this is the most crucial) important to always have CONSENT before hugging or touching someone.  This goes from playful ass-slapping to putting your arm around someone.  Give respect to all of those around you and you’ll receive it in return two-fold.  Stay blessed.

Have regard for things that are not yours.  That means don’t consume food/beverages that belong to someone else without them offering, don’t enter their tent without permission, and turn foudn items into lost & found at the info booth.  Furthermore, the festival & its staff put a lot of effort into what it provides for the patrons.  Don’t steal or damage installations of any kind and definitely do NOT graffiti anything that was not meant for it.  Also understand that there are altars all over the land that are sacred and tampering with or damaging them is just very bad karma.  Do the right thing.

You are a total newb or a total dick if you cannot see why this is a big no-no.  Every year we have to service medical situations that arise from people who do not take care of themselves.  Rest, eat, and hydrate before you even consider partying.  These are basic human necessities and you WILL put yourself at risk of things like dehydration, seizure, or worse.  If your body is not in balance then nothing you ingest otherwise will do anything to positively affect your time.  Not to mention only a complete DICK would allow themselves to get so turnt that their friends have to take care of them and you are an even bigger asshole if you get so turnt they can’t even take care of you and you end up in the hospital.  BTW… medical care is at YOUR expense and if you end up in the hospital due to over-indulgence, we do not guarantee that you can return to the festival and you may be banned for these actions from all Badass and Four Quarters events.

Festivals are exciting and we want everyone to celebrate and have a good time.  At Big Dub our festivities start promptly at 11am and there is a lot of fun activities that you are probably missing if you stay up until 7am.  You certainly won’t be rested enough to participate or make it through the entire next day.  That’s why we have “quiet” hours from 4am – 11am.  We halt all activities so you can chill out and rest up.  We’re not saying that’s your bed time either… but please understand that a lot of festival goers want to get sleep during those hours too and you should have respect for that by not being loud or yelling or causing disruptions.  Additionally, this is when our key staff members who have a long day ahead of them are asleep and many of them camp where you are.

It’s sexy to be prepared.  Bring food & water and something that will satisfy your sleeping arrangements.  Read the Survival Guide to know exactly what to bring.  Basically don’t be a mooch.  If you need to ask for help from someone then you should offer some sort of return.  That can be anything from a trade to cleaning around someone’s camp site.  Whatever it is be grateful for what people do for you.  Being not being thankful is something that a dick would do.