Submitting an activity, theme camp, or art grant? Don’t miss the deadline!

One of the most important and amazing aspects of Big Dub Festival is the participation from our community. Back in 2012 when we started the activity department, we only had 10 camps, and 10 workshops. We’ve grown so much since then! Last year, we had 30+ camps, 50+ in camp events, 25 seminars, and 50+ workshops! And that’s not even including art grants.

Because of this growth, we have moved our theme camp deadline to March 1, and our activity & art grant deadlines to April 1. We want to be sure we have more than enough time to develop the experience, as well as give you guys time to prepare. This year is already shaping up to be absolutely incredible, with some camp favorites like Grilled Cheesus, Domeunity, and Camp BDSM making a return.

We have a great post for those of you thinking about hosting a theme camp that touches on some of the critical information you need to know to successfully run a camp on the mountain. It also offers helpful planning tips. Click HERE to check it out!

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