Big News For Hilltop!

We’ve got some big news about Hilltop Camping! And we’re ready to spill the beans. This year, we are stacking the activity schedule up in Hilltop. Last year’s additions of the misting tent and slip & slide were a huge success, and we plan to make the Hilltop experience even better in 2017.

With the help of some of our friends, and the dedication of our activity department, we are proud to announce the following activities:

Opening Night Karaoke- Grab your friends, hop on the shuttle, and show the Mountain that sweet 80’s Madonna move you’ve been working on in your room.

Bob Ross Painting Session- You heard us right. Bob. Ross. Painting. Session. We’re projecting episodes of Bob Ross on a giant screen, and having the art jam we all want and need. This is a bring your own art supplies situation, with limited supplies available but your participation will create endless memories, and… Bob Ross thoooo!

The Mr. / Miss Big Dub Pageant- It’s like Miss America, but a lot different. We’re going to be hosting our First Annual Big Dub Pageant this year, and you’re invited to compete. We will be judging patrons on talent, Q & A, dance moves, and more.

Big Dub University’s First Annual Kegger- School’s in session and today’s lesson is in beer pong and power hour.  Join the Big Dub University staff for a kegger you won’t forget. Bring your beer pong, flip cup, and cornhole skills. We’ll bring the keg.  Music will be provided by the bro squad themselves: 2rip, Hogan & Jaleel.  They will be playing a live power hour set where they switch songs every 60 seconds and you take a shot of beer at the transition.  Make sure you bring your own cup & leave no trace!

Family Game Night- We’re super excited to bring our fam together for a traditional family game night. Yahtzee, Scrabble, Apples to Apples, Monopoly, and more will be on deck. Bring a blanket and some snacks.

Late Night Mario Kart / Smash Bros Tournaments- Remember all that shit your friend talked to you about how he/she would whoop that ass in Hyrule? Or that time they told you they would knock you off Rainbow Road? This is your chance to prove it. We will be doing these full blown tournament style with brackets, so bring your A game!

Magic the Gathering Card Tournament- Hosted by one of our favorite ladies, Sara JP, the Magic the Gathering tournament is for everyone, regardless of skill. Bring your decks and a winning attitude.

Cards Against Humanity (Finally.)- Let’s get weird with some Cards Against Humanity.

Pokemon Power Hour- Grab your Pokemon card deck. Grab your Gameboy Color. Put on your Pikachu onesie. And jam out to some dope club music from Musho while we get in touch with our inner Ash Ketchum.

Twerk Contest– We’re building a twerk wall, Shizz Lo is playing his collection of the best twerk music and booty bass, and we’re praising the booty.

More activities are being added on the reg, so keep an eye on our website and be sure to check out the official Big Dub Online Guide when it comes out the week before the festival.